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'Continuous Performances'

Memories of Norwich cinemas 1946 - 1961


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Norwich movie man celebrates 25 years in business
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The Norwich Movie Shop 
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Hand built, wooden TARDIS. Beautifully made and unique. SOLD
14" tall, and 7" square.


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I've been buying movie memorabilia since the 50's,
collecting it since the 60's;
dealing in it since the 70's'
and have had the shop in Norwich since 1985

I now call the shop The Movie Shop but when I opened in 1985 it was called the "Antiquarian and Nostalgia Centre" because I traded and still trade in all kinds of collectables including antique projectors and telephones; toys and games; books, comics, records and anything else I might find interesting.

 You'll find all on this web site from time to time, but what you'll always find is the most interesting Movie Memorabilia I can dig up from my extensive contacts.

 I'll update this site regularly as the stuff comes through the shop, but if you're interested - be quick! Remember that it's sitting in my window an hour after I buy it in.

Ingrid Pitt and myself at one of my film fairs.

24 Nov 2010: Goodbye Ingrid - it was great knowing you.

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It was Ingrid Pitt's work with Hammer Film Productions that elevated her to cult figure status. She starred in The Vampire Lovers, a film based on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's novella Carmilla, and Countess Dracula. She played the brief role of a librarian in cult film The Wicker Man (1973).

Pitt also appeared in the Amicus Horror Anthology film The House That Dripped Blood, a gothic horror film that, along with The Vampire Lovers, marked the first of a string of early 1970s successes for her in that genre.

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The divine


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Tel: 01603 615239

International Tele Code 011 44 1603 615239




11 St. Gregory's Alley

United Kingdom

Tel: 01603 615239

International Code 011 44
1603 615239

* eMail Peter Cossey